This blog is my personal recollections of discussions we had at a recent book clubs. They are not written in my capacity as co- chair of that book club or as a member of any other club or organisation. They are purely personal. As well as a report on discussions on the books we read this blog contains useful information for people living in North London on things that might help them during the lock down. Anyone is welcome to read this information.

The blog does not contain any surnames or identifying information of those who attend that book club other than the names of the authors we discuss.

Claudine Goldingham

Born in Hong Kong Claudine now lives in Hampstead North London . Claudine is profoundly dyslexic and couldn’t write her name until she was 9. She was sent to boarding school in the UK when she was 8 to get the dyslexia support she needed. Her mother moved back to Perth Western Australia when she was 12. Claudine followed when she was 18 and ended up doing two degrees -a BA in history majoring in middle eastern history and a law degree at the University of Western Australia. She  then lectured in Criminal law at Curtin University and the University of Western Australia. She is married to the near perfect Patrick and has two children Molly aged 17 and Charlotte aged 15. Charlotte is also very dyslexic. Claudine  moved to the UK in 2012 and put Charlotte in a school for dyslexic children where she thrived. Both Claudine and Patrick took early retirement. Favourite bookclub book is  American Pastoral by Philip Wroth with Nutshell by Ian McEwan a close second.

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